TRJ Environmental

Location and Facilities

TRJ Environmental is located in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, within 20 minutes of the principal U.S. EPA offices responsible for air pollution regulation and research. TRJ Environmental has access to the library facilities and research staff of three major universities (Duke University, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and N.C. State University) and the scientific community of the Research Triangle Park.

TRJ maintains an NTIS Account for accessing the U.S. EPA’s main-frame computer facilities at NCC, and our analysts are experienced in the use of the Aerometric Information Retrieval System (AIRS), the Technology Transfer Network (TTN), and other USEPA on-line databases. TRJ Environmental maintains comprehensive libraries of documents, software, and data useful in performing exposure assessments, air quality analyses, and health effects research (including a complete set of the Journal of Exposure Analysis and Environmental Epidemiology). Other TRJ research tools include

  • high-speed (wide-band) internet connections,
  • state-of-the-art desktop and laptop computers,
  • high-resolution laserjet and color photo printers,
  • high-resolution scanners,
  • high-speed CD-ROM and DVD drives,
  • geographic information system (ArcView2) with comprehensive U.S. census data, and
  • an extensive library of software for Monte Carlo simulation, statistical analysis, spread-sheet analysis, database processing, and graphical presentation.

TRJ also has a fully-equipped 24-track sound recording studio.